Field Service Capabilites

Welding:          1/16” to ¼” stick electrode

            MIG- 0.23” up to 0.125” flux core wire

            TIG – unlimited

Scarfing:                Max. amperage is 44 volts at 1,200 amps

Lance Capability:  Up to ¾” diameter

Torque Wrenches and Multiliers:

                  5 to 4,475 foot-pounds within 5% accuracy rating

Hydraulic Lifting:  2.5 million tons in Porta Power rams, (nine 10,000 psi units – four        electric and five hand pump)

Forklifts:                2,000-75,000 pounds lifting capacity

Monorail System:  Completely portable

Beam and Trolley System:    Four-post, 6” to 15 feet in 6” increments            

Portable Air Compressors:   Max. 175 cfm

Jack Hammers:     Up to 90 pounds

Pipe Bending and Threading:      1/8” to 4” diameter

Flaring:              1/8″ to 1/2″ diameter                 

Pipe/Tube Joining:  Weld, silver solder, sweat

Skates:                   60 ton machinery rollers

Preheat torches:    12.5 billion BTU, high efficiency with compressed air and natural gas or propane

Stress Relieving:   Air vibrators

Hydraulic:              Calibrating up to 3,000 psi