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At All Do It Technical Services, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. See what some of our clients have to say about our Extrusion Press Maintenance that we provided for their organizations.



UNION CITY, TN                                                      28NOV25018


In regards to All-Do-It Technical Services, Prior to our partnership with Mr. David Siembieda, our Aluminum Extrusion Presses and Process Equipment were suffering from repeated breakdowns and costly downtime to repair. Our product scrap was high and product yield was low. Our cost of operation was out of control and we needed someone to help us turn our process around. We had used several other outside contractors in the past to repair our extrusion presses but without resolution. We, at first, were reluctant to believe we would find a knowledgeable person that could help us solve our issues.

Upon first meeting Mr. David Siembieda, it was clearly evident that we had found the right person for the job. He was able to not only repair the issues that we were plagued by, but he also shared with our maintenance and engineering team the important attributes and steps to proper extrusion press maintenance and repair. He was very transparent about the work he was going to do and why it needed to be done. Thoroughly explaining the facts of what caused the malfunction and the roles of other key factors that lead him to his conclusion. Contractors in the past have always given us the, “just because” response. Leaving us uncertain of their abilities and ultimately uncertain of our equipment. This was not the case with Mr. David Siembieda. So began a relationship that would prove to be one of the best decisions we have made in our aluminum extrusion process, that is allowing Mr. David Siembieda to oversee a preventative maintenance program for our aluminum extrusion presses and process equipment. Since then, we have seen a 39% decrease in unscheduled downtime due to mechanical failure and press alignment. He has been able to pinpoint solutions to repeated failures with lasting results, all with a clear explanation of why the problem occurred and exactly what he will do to correct it and keep it corrected. It has been five years and now going into what will be our sixth year, which we have used Mr. David Siembieda for our extrusion press preventative maintenance and scheduled repairs. We are extremely satisfied with the work he has done for our extrusion presses and where he has brought our process. Our dies run much better with minimal run-out differences, our product quality has increased, and our faith in our equipment is restored. I would highly recommend All-Do-It Technical Services and Mr. David Siembieda for ALL of your extrusion equipment repairs and preventative maintenance needs. He and his company are without a doubt, the best in the industry and we would have no one else.


Seth Johnson

Engineering Technician III

Kohler Co.

2000 North Fifth St.

Union City, TN 38261


Kohler's Website



BELLEFONTAINE, OHIO                                                      25OCT17

To: whom it may concern

I am Kevin McKnight, Plant Manager with National Extrusion in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Dave came highly recommended by my brother Keith, who is also in the Extrusion industry. After only a 10 minute talk with Keith on the phone, I decided to call Dave for a quote.  Prior to that I had received quotes from other press repair companies that were thousands of dollars higher, with longer down times and a lot more labor hours.  I was skeptical at first of Dave's quote being so much lower than the others for the same repairs.  However, after sitting down and letting Dave explain to me what he was going to do and how he was going to do it, I understood why it was going to cost less.   There were a lot of unnecessary things the other repair companies were going to do which did not make sense.  So I let Dave do the job, and that was the best decision I made.  Everything I had heard about Dave was true.  Dave at All-Do-It is one of the most knowledgeable Extrusion Press repair technicians I have met since I got into the industry nearly 28 years ago.  I HIGHLY recommend All-Do-It for ANY press repairs needed.

Best regards,

Kevin McKnight

Plant Manager

National Extrusion & Manufacturing Co.

231 Orchard Ave.

Bellefontaine Ohio 43311


National Extrusion's Website


Shoal's Extrusion

FLORENCE, AL                                                       09AUG16


I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent work you and your team performed on my press. Although we have done business together for numerous years, I am still impressed with the sense of urgency and quality of work performed.  Regardless of the task, your team always executes to the highest degree.

Shoal's Extrusion has only been in operation for a few short months, but the equipment was not installed to standard and the maintenance process was flawed.  These two issues contributed to excessive downtime resulting in a poor performance to our customers, ultimately jeopardizing the business. The work your team performed will not doubt put us in a position to quickly turn these previous issues into growing pain memories allowing us to move forward with confidence.

I also wanted to express my gratitude for the training you provided for my maintenance manager, once again top-notch.  I look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Ron Ballman

VP Operations

Shoal's Extrusion

4455 Parkway Dr.

Florence, AL 35630

256-443-1719 C

256-349-2603 O

256-349-2266 F

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SAPA Extrusion



I am Jim Vannatta, Maintenance Manager at Sapa Extrusions in Connersville Indiana. All-Do-It has been doing work for me over 10 years. Their knowledge and work ethic is 2nd to none in the Extrusion Industry that I have found. Many times I have called up All-Do-It with an emergency repair that I just had to have, and without question, they have driven over 6 hours to come down and get us back up running. Dave and his crew have a vast amount of knowledge in rigging, hydraulics, pneumatics, presses, and fabrication. Dave has also shared a lot of his knowledge with my maintenance team which in turn has saved us a lot of time, money and downtime. In our industry downtime is money. When it comes to press alignments, big major repairs or situations that you just can’t get out of, in my opinion, there is no one else I will call other than All-Do-It. In this industry safety is always an issue and many times you hear about serious injuries. Dave works safe and trains his people to be safe. In the many years that I have had All-Do-It do work for me, they have never had a safety violation or injury. Here at Sapa, we take safety very seriously and nothing is put in front of that including cost or downtime. Our safety program is very rigorous and Dave has done an awesome job following our policies. I would highly recommend All-Do-It for any of your extrusion press needs or value-added work that you need to be done. I will continue to use All-Do-It for many years to come.

Jim Vannatta

Maintenance Manager

Sapa Extrusions

5120 Western Ave.

Connersville, IN 47331




SAPA Extrusion

ELKHART, IN                                                                 3/19/12

To: Whom it may concern

I’m pleased to write this recommendation letter to your company for the work that has been performed in the last two shutdowns at the Sapa Elkhart facility.  The crew is professional and work under all conditions and are equipped to do all necessary tasks and are safety oriented.  I have another job coming up in May and I have asked All-Do-It to come back and do the job.

Best regards,

John Shotwell

Maintenance Manager

Sapa Extrusions

3406 Reedy Dr.

Elkhart, IN 46514


SAPA Website



Umicore Technical Materials

GLEN FALLS, NY                          AUGUST 9, 2011

Dave Siembieda, the owner of All-Do-It Technical Services, LLC, came to Umicore Technical Materials North America, Inc. in Glens Falls, NY on July 29th, 2011 to provide Extrusion Press alignment training to us, the Extrusion Press operators.

Before beginning the Extrusion Press alignment, Mr. Siembieda gave a detailed overview with instructions on how to perform the task.  Once we started the actual alignment, Mr. Siembieda walked us through the task at hand ensuring we were performing it correctly, safely, and with the proper tools and P.P.E. for the job.  He was clear and concise in his instructions along with providing easy to follow step-by-step directions and drawings to identify the different parts of the press.

We would definitely recommend Dave Siembieda to come back to Umicore as well as other facilities, whether it is for training or maintenance.


Extrusion Press Team

Umicore Technical Materials North America, Inc.

Glens Falls, NY 12801

Umicore Website


Pennex Aluminum Co.

WELLSVILLE, PA                             JANUARY 19, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

I have had the opportunity to work with Dave Siembieda of All-Do-It Technical Services on a number of projects over the past 10 years including repairs to butt shear housings, container housing replacements, press alignments and most recently a very challenging project to change out a main ram cylinder and housing on one of our extrusion presses that presented some difficult challenges.

I have found Dave and his company to be very technically competent at rigging, welding, machine repair, and alignment.  He is very safety conscious.  He possesses excellent problem-solving and analytical skills coupled with real world experience.  He has come up with some innovative approaches to rigging equipment and methods that have significantly reduced outage time and expense.

I would heartily recommend David and his company to anyone considering an outside source for major equipment alignment, repairs or maintenance.


John Irwin

Engineering and Maintenance Manager

Pennex Aluminum Co.

50 Community Street

Wellsville, PA 17365


Pennex Website