Who We Are


Since 1999 we have been providing professional extrusion press services throughout the United States. You can trust that we have the “knowledge” and the “know how” to get your job done properly within a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable cost.

We are the “elite” of the extrusion press industry when it comes to routine maintenance or major repairs. With our extensive knowledge, experience, and equipment, we are ready to tackle any kind of job. Some companies are unable or unwilling to take on the more difficult projects, but we are the expert in things that people say “can’t be done.”

We bring with us the right tools for your job to prevent needless delays. If a project can be done faster and easier with specially designed tools, then we design and make them beforehand.


About Dave “The Press Whisper”

Dave Siembieda is the owner and founder of All-Do-It Technical Services, which began 18 years ago as just a small shop on his parents’ property. After 4 years he quickly outgrew that shop where he then moved to a larger facility, which is All Do It’s current location on Meridian Road in Youngstown. Dave is a certified welder and has been welding professionally for 30 plus years. He also has a Degree of Associate in Specialized Technology with Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) Certification from the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. Dave prides himself on paying attention to the details and being a problem solver. He is very good at “talking to presses”, aka “the press whisperer” and overcoming most obstacles that cross his path. Safety is always integrated with everything he does; then it’s all about getting that press in its best possible condition for optimal production for the customer.